Could A Transformative New Fragrance Help You Explore Your Shimmering Summer Self? We Think So...

Do the months of June, July and August ever go by without someone, somewhere in the world wondering whether they need a summer fragrance? My answer is perhaps unsurprisingly that yes, you always do.

Not for any great practical reason – what you love in winter shouldn’t necessarily be put away because the weather turns warm – but because of all the seasons, summer is the one that promises wild and glorious abandon.

For a handful of hot, too-short weeks, we can go somewhere, see something, even be someone thrillingly new. If you come to life when it’s time to get your summer wardrobe out of storage, you’ll know that the sides of ourselves we express in puffed seersucker and broderie anglaise are the best ones – floatier, probably cooler, definitely freer. And much like the clothes we wear, perfume is another way to exhibit a shimmering new self.



  • Fresh, clean and dreamy; if these perfumes were a state of mind, they’d be ready to fall in love. Orange blossom is always one of summer’s prettiest notes, an ideal companion for your floatiest white frock.

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