Some Important Cosmetic and Personal Care Ingredients Trends in 2020

Trending ingredients for 2020 include:

– Blue Algae

– Pumpkin/ cucurbita

– Mushroom phenolics, polyphenolics, polysaccharides  antioxidant, anti - ageing, whitening, moisturising, hair growth.

– Australian kakadu plum one of the highest sources of vitamin C e.g. Derma Doctor , Red Earth

– Kojic Acid - mushrooms/fermented rice – Soy

– Azelaic Acid – concentrate from oat/wheat /rye


  • AHA Alpha hydroxy acids to improve skins moisture content, high in hydration, glycolic acid

    BHA Beta Hydroxy Acid- Oily acne prone sin; treatment of blackheads and whiteheads, salycylic acid

    PHA Polyhydroxy Acids sensitive skin option for AHA, eczema, rosacea, antioxidant

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