Get Fit From Home with these best pieces of at-home workout kit

Mega Jump Rope: Great for a cardiovascular work-out and healthy bones. 300cm adjustable-length rope with high-quality ball-bearing axles for super smooth rotations.

ECO YOGA MAT: Great for yoga and other stretching-based workouts This latex-foam mat has an anti-slip base and sure-grip surface. It’s toxin-free so has good environmental credentials.

Bikehut Turbo trainer: Great for a cardio workout when you can’t afford an exercise bike Turn your bike into a home fitness trainer with this smart piece of kit. Simply hook the back wheel up to this device and off you pedal – going nowhere but getting fitter in your own living room! Six levels of resistance.

PROFORM 600I FOLDING TREADMILL: Great for cardio fitness through walking, jogging or running. A cushioned deck for less stress on your joints and a zero to 12% digital quick incline control. It links to Google Maps workouts to transport you anywhere in the world – virtually, of course.

Bowflex Kettlebell: Great for building strength, endurance, balance, agility and cardio. The Select Tech 840 features six weights in one compact system. Select the weight you want with the turn of a dial – choose from 3.5, 5.5, 9, 11, 16 or 18kg.

DOMYOS DUMBELLS: Great for upper body resistance workout Easy-to-grip hand weights in a range of weights – from 0.5 to 5kg.

Opti Trampoline: Great for general cardio and toning legs, tum and bum. This 91.5cm mini bouncer is a fun way to improve your balance and co-ordination, muscle tone and cardiovascular health.

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