Smart-clean your home to reduce the risk of CORONAVIRUS

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With a little expert know-how you can keep your house safer from viruses like Covid-19.

A deep clean doesn't always mean an effective clean – especially against viruses such as Covid-19. You need to know how best to kill the bug. Coronavirus only enters our homes when someone comes in who is infected and is carrying it on themselves. Or when an item you or they bring in is contaminated. ‘Coronavirus can last on surfaces for a few hours or a few days, depending on the type of surface,’ says Dr Lisa Ackerley, a Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner, ‘That’s why regular and proper hygiene practices are so important. But cleaning more doesn’t always mean cleaning better. The key is cleaning smarter.’


  • Here are top tips…

    Targeted hygiene

    Targeted hygiene is an effective way to clean smarter and help to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus, focussing on disinfecting surfaces that are the most frequently touched.

    Research has shown that trying to deep clean your entire home will have little or no impact on combatting the virus – targeted hygiene is much more effective.

    When practicing targeted home hygiene, first clean away any visible dirt and then apply diluted bleach to the surface to kill germs.

    Surfaces to target

    Think about the surfaces that are frequently touched on entry to your home – by you or your family.

    These often include:

    • Door handles (including the outdoor front door)
    • Staircase bannister
    • Fridge handles
    • Cupboard handles
    • Counter tops
    • Kettle handle
    • Taps – bathroom and kitchen
    • Toilet flush handle or button
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