Do I Need To Start Jogging if I have Diabetes?

Do I Need To Start Jogging if I have Diabetes?


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    Not necessarily but you will probably need to do regular physical activity if you don’t already, to help you maintain a healthy weight – and for the numerous other health benefits it brings. But upping your activity levels when you’re trying to lose weight to reverse your diabetes is probably not a good idea at first, says Professor Taylor.

    ‘Increased activity has a terrible stimulatory effect on appetite and makes weight loss almost impossible to achieve,’ he says. Lose the weight first through diet, then up your activity levels. ‘People will also need to realise that they need to eat less than they have habitually done in the past.’

    You don’t need to be sporty – every step counts. Just make sure you move more during your day – whether that’s walking more or washing your car. Every bit of activity counts.

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