Can I Eat Sugar in Diabetes?

Can I Eat Sugar while I am suffering from Diabetes?


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    Your diet doesn’t have to be totally sugar-free if you‘ve been diagnosed with T2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. But it does need to be healthy.

    It’s not simply sugary food that causes a problem. ‘The nature of your diet is much less important when it comes to T2 diabetes than the total amount of energy going in,’ says Professor Taylor.

    ‘Our bodies are wonderful machines and will convert the food we eat into the fuel that our body needs. So if you eat a lot of sugar, it’s going to end up as fat if you don’t burn it off. You can eat a large amount of sugar and it won’t satisfy your appetite, so you’re likely to consume many more calories than you can burn off – and it’s that fat stored in unsafe places that causes the mischief.’

    Speak to a dietitian about a healthy, balanced diet.

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