Do Stretch To Beat Your Body Pain

Everything that does not move freezes up, and that includes your body. To keep it healthy and avoid pain and tension, it’s important to keep supple and flexible from head to toe. Keeping your joints flexible will stimulate good circulation and oxygenation, reducing pain and tension.

Try these simple moves for five minutes every morning when you wake and every evening before bed. Complete each three times:


Lie on the bed, bend your right knee and tilt it to the left (above left leg) while keeping your right shoulder pressed against the bed and your head turned to the right.

Now repeat this stretch on the opposite side


Sit on your knees and lie forward with your arms and head as close to the ground as possible (child pose in yoga).

Hold for five seconds.


Slowly tilt your head to the right as close to your shoulder as possible. You can use your hand to accentuate the stretch which must remain slow and soft.

Do the same on the other side.

Tilt your head forward and then slowly back, keeping shoulders relaxed.

Turn your head to the right and then to the left, going as far as possible.

Rotate your head three times clockwise, then three times anticlockwise.

Rotate shoulders forwards and then backwards.


Rotate each hand.

Stretch your fingers back and forth, applying pressure with your opposite hand.


Standing, make circular clockwise movements of your pelvis, then anticlockwise.


Put your hands on your knees.

Make circular movements of your pelvis clockwise, then anticlockwise.


Rotate your right ankle clockwise, then anticlockwise

Raise your heel.

Repeat rotation with your left ankle.


  • These are some simple tips from me:

    • Take 10 long and deep breaths.
    • Breathe in through your nose, as deeply as possible, while inflating the belly – allow air to enter the lower part of your lungs, which automatically pushes your diaphragm down.
    • Exhale through your nose, as slowly as possible, and deflate your stomach.
    • Between exhaling and inhaling try to block your breathing for four seconds to feel a moment of calm.
    • You can use this technique at any time during your day when you have to deal with negative emotions or stress.
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