One minute health tips to improve your wellbeing. Time to get Healthy

Think you haven’t got the time – or the motivation – to improve your wellbeing? All it is a few minutes..

  1. 10 Seconds To Lift weights : Lift and lower weights for 10 seconds, rather than the usual couple of seconds to boost strength. A US study found people using a slow technique of resistance training showed a 50% increase in strength, compared to those lifting at the normal, faster speed. Slowing down the movements lifts momentum and creates more tension in the muscles. The National Center for Biotechnology Information concluded from studies that Super-Slow training is an effective method for middle-aged and older adults to increase strength.
  2. 20 Seconds To Exercise : Try exercising in three separate bursts. Sprint Interval Training (SIT) on the stairs can boost your heart health. Researchers from a Canadian university found that you don’t need to spend hours at the gym to get yourself fit. In one study, they discovered that sprinting upstairs in short bursts, for three times a week, in three 20-second bursts, taking two-minute recovery periods improves cardio respiratory fitness. If you don’t have any stairs, do 20-second sprints in your garden or while out for your daily stroll.
  3. 30 Seconds To Stretch : That’s the ideal amount of time to hold a stretch, to keep you flexible after moderate exercise, such as running. Anything less won’t lengthen your muscle and tissues enough, and you don’t gain anything extra from doing more.
  4. 10 Seconds To Massage muscles : Pummelling your muscles for this length of time does more than simply relieving tension and pain. Research from McMaster University, in Canada, looked inside a muscle as it was massaged and found that 10 minutes of kneading switches on sensors that reduce inflammation in muscle cells and helps build more mitochondria – the things that generate most of the chemical energy needed to power the cell’s biochemical reactions – which help muscles repair and grow. Try using a foam roller on achy areas.


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