How Well Is India’s Healthcare Equipped To Tackle The Corona Pandemic?

One must understand that many specialities and the expertise of their practitioners come together and is paramount in treating corona infected patients requiring handling of specialised equipment. For instance, India has only 40,000 ventilators in all and an equal number of anaesthesia doctors out of which only 25,000 doctors are able to tackle corona infested patients, because the rest are above 60 years of age and so more susceptible to the virus attack. Also, one must understand that apart from the virus afflicted patients, there are chronic renal patients needing dialysis and other such illnesses needing handling of medical equipment for which a substantial number of trained hands are also required. Though we are acknowledged globally for medical expertise, number of personnel and equipment are still inadequate necessitating judicious use of resources. The only solution available to us is first to prevent further outbreak by adhering to the directives of the authorities and guidelines of the medical bodies in keeping the corona virus at bay.

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